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  • When will the construction project begin?
    Construction is scheduled to begin on February 25, 2019
  • Where can I find updates?
    Stay informed about changes and updates to schedules, classes and programs and watch the construction progress on this website.
  • Will there be sufficient parking?
    Parking is available in our parking lot. In the process of going through the renovation project, we will temporarily lose about 30 spaces. When the project is completed, we will gain an additional 32 parking spaces more than what we have now. To accommodate for the temporary loss of parking spaces, we have asked our staff team to park offsite.
  • Where can I make a donation to the Capital Campaign?
    If you are interested in making a donation to the Capital Campaign, please contact Peter Waisgerber, Chief Development Officer, at (508) 879-4420 x270 You may also make a gift online
  • Will the locker rooms be available?
    Yes. All of the locker rooms will availbale for members to use.
  • What is the timeline for this project?
    A highlevel project timeline can be found on this page. Project related updates will be made weekly and posted on this website, social media and emailed to all members and program participants. Please stay connected to the Y in order to be informed about changes and updates to specific program areas.


The timeline below is tentative and we expect it will change as the construction project progresses. Please read our Construction Updates page for weekly updates, schedule changes and what to expect when visiting the Framingham Branch. 
For weekly updates and timelines please see our Construction Updates page.
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